About Us

Our history goes back to the late 1980s where a small Eastbourne based computer company called M B Computer Services Limited run by Mel Baker later joined in 1986 by Matthew Buzza, provided Olivetti based systems to businesses across London and the South East.

M B Computer Services also provided financial systems through its accreditation with Multisoft. Later as the company grew, it took on further dealerships with Sage, Datafile and Access.

In the late 1990s, a team headed by Matthew and lead developer Ian Jones created a Business to Business solution that integrated to Datafile Premier. The system could synchronize all the Customer records, Stock and Discount Matrix with a custom online order system developed in house and synchronize the orders back down into Datafile ready to be processed within whichever workflow had been setup.

The first clients of the B2B eCommerce solution were served through a daughter company M B Commerce Limited which for the purpose of internet connectivity was housed in central Brighton.

In late 2001, a change of Directorship at M B Computers now called ApexIs, triggered a restructure after which the Ecommerce company setup on its own.

Fast forward to 2015, Matthew approached Mel who had just come out of retirement to support his daughter Claire Baker in her new role as MD of The Chalvington Group, as well as to stimulate growth in the IT division to see if Chalvington would be interested to bring in the development business formed in 2001 to form a software / online division of Chalvington.

Chalvington Online is the resulting division of the merge and along with long term Chalvington team member Andrew Pickstock (Technical Lead), Garry Frizzell (UI Development) and Alberto Palazon (ERP Specialist) the combined years of System Planning, Implementation and Software Development have led to a re-imagined Business Operations solution among other systems developed for Welders in the Rail Industry and Point of Service management for remotely located clubs and centers.

Our aim is help as many businesses as we can, gain the most from their systems and software , to increase profit, boost moral and gain time.

We achieve this through our Expertise, Incredible Industry Partnerships, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer.

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